Who’s a Harding Man?
We are.

Harding Men are driven by a lust for adrenaline. It’s the search for adventure. A desire to live free. We’re propelled by the relentless pursuit of our passions.

They call it reckless. We call it living.

At Harding, we’ve built the ultimate timepiece collection for men like us – always ready when it’s time to thrill. Strap on a Harding and you’ll feel it. Our watches aren’t just strong and stylish, they’re tough as you are.

We don’t live to tell the tale.

Which Harding Man Are You?
Forget spirit animals. We eat them for breakfast. The Harding Man takes on the world by land, sea and air, his trusty watch always by his side.

You’re an extreme land-dweller, undeterred by gravity, who moves through life with the power of a drag racer, a ski-jumper’s courage, and the intense faith of a free-climber.

You seek freedom on the water, blasting through it from towering cliffs, tearing across it at high speeds, and powering to new depths with nothing but the air in your lungs.

The world is not enough. You find yourself miles above it, falling to earth at the speed of sound. Then you take the action – and your Harding – into the night, where more thrills await.



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